A simple introduction of lengyueyang's spacemacs configration[个人 spacemacs 配置简介]

Table of Contents

Introduction: Emacs Configuration in an Org File

I used spacemacs recently, org-mode is my favourite package of emacs, I use org-mode to GTD, write slide and documents, so I want to use org-mode to manager may own configuration of emacs beyond spacemacs.

After searched in google and with my research, I found the way below, I want to manager my own emacs configuration from now ([2016-11-07 Mon 21:00]).

You could found my org config file in https://github.com/lengyueyang/spacemacs-lengyue

Custom.el setup

In order to reduce the size of init.el in .spacemacs folder, create a custom.el file in .spaceamcs folder, then add the flowing code to the end the init.el, and copy the same location code to custom.el at the same time.

Don't export this code, so use example

(setq custom-file (expand-file-name "custom.el" dotspacemacs-directory))
(load custom-file 'no-error 'no-message)

Org-mode to customize emacs configuration

Add the follow code to .inti.el part defun dotspacemacs/user-config ()

Don't export this code, so use example

(require 'ob-tangle)
  (expand-file-name "lengyueyang.org"


req-package is a wrapper on top of use-package, a package dependency management tool. The documentation for use-package is immensely helpful for figuring out how to describe package dependencies and settings. req-package adds the :require keyword which allows us to define dependencies between related packages.

Initialize req-package

With the preceding process complete, we just need to add the following line to our init file to begin using req-package:

(require 'req-package)

Start loading packages in right order

To start loading packages in right order, we need to added following in the last of emacs config.



Global keybindings of emacs but for specific customization with keybinding, like some org related keybindings in Org-mode configuration part.

F2 to open my init file

(defun open-my-init-file()
  (find-file "~/.spacemacs.d/lengyueyang.org"))

(global-set-key (kbd "<f2>") 'open-my-init-file)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oo" 'open-my-init-file)

F3 to open stardict

(require 'chinese-yasdcv)
(define-key global-map (kbd "<f3>") 'youdao-dictionary-search-at-point+)

(spacemacs/declare-prefix "ok" "Keybindings")
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oky" 'yasdcv-translate-at-point)

(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oks" 'youdao-dictionary-search-from-input)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oki" 'youdao-dictionary-search-at-point+)

F8 to checkout the spelling of words

(define-key global-map (kbd "<f8>") 'flyspell-correct-previous-word-generic)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "okf" 'flyspell-correct-previous-word-generic)


(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oa" 'org-agenda-list)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c b") 'org-iswitchb)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "okb" 'org-iswitchb)

Bookmark keybindings reconfiguration

(spacemacs/declare-prefix "om" "Bookmark")
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oms" 'bookmark-set)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "omr" 'bookmark-rename)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "omd" 'bookmark-delete)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "omj" 'counsel-bookmark)

Spacemacs better defaults

Include the configuration of spacemacs itself layers and better use of its defaults layers.

Markdown mode

(when (configuration-layer/layer-usedp 'markdown)
  (setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.text$" . gfm-mode) auto-mode-alist))
  (setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.md$" . gfm-mode) auto-mode-alist))
  (setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.mdown$" . gfm-mode) auto-mode-alist))
  (setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.mdt$" . gfm-mode) auto-mode-alist))
  (setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.markdown$" . gfm-mode) auto-mode-alist)))


(setq lengyueyang-configuration-path "~/.spacemacs.d/")

(defun lengyueyang/load-my-layout ()
  (persp-load-state-from-file (concat lengyueyang-configuration-path "lengyueyang")))

(defun lengyueyang/save-my-layout ()
  (persp-save-state-to-file (concat lengyueyang-configuration-path "lengyueyang")))

(spacemacs/declare-prefix "ol" "Layout-lengyueyang")
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oll" 'lengyueyang/load-my-layout)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "ols" 'lengyueyang/save-my-layout)

;;(defun lengyueyang-misc/post-init-persp-mode ()
;;  (setq persp-kill-foreign-buffer-action 'kill)
;;  (setq persp-lighter nil)
;;  (when (fboundp 'spacemacs|define-custom-layout)
;;    (spacemacs|define-custom-layout "@Cocos2D-X"
;;      :binding "c"
;;      :body
;;      (find-file "~/cocos2d-x/cocos/ui/UIWidget.cpp")
;;      (split-window-right)
;;      (find-file "~/cocos2d-x/cocos/cocos2d.cpp"))))


(global-set-key (kbd "<f5>") 'deft)
(setq deft-extensions '("txt" "tex" "org" "mk" "makedown"))
(setq deft-directory "~/Emacs-lengyue/Wiki-lengyue")


在 Emacs 中用 elfeed 阅读你的 RSS-feeds

(use-package elfeed-org
  :ensure t
  (setq rmh-elfeed-org-files (list "~/Emacs-lengyue/Wiki-lengyue/Elfeed.org")))


;; Get email, and store in nnml
(setq gnus-secondary-select-methods
	(nntp "gmane"
	      (nntp-address "news.gmane.org"))
	(nntp "news.eternal-september.org")
	(nntp "nntp.aioe.org")
	(nntp "news.gwene.org")

(setq gnus-secondary-select-methods
	(nnimap "gmail"
		(nnimap-server-port 993)
		(nnimap-stream ssl))

;; Send email via Gmail:
(setq message-send-mail-function 'smtpmail-send-it
      smtpmail-default-smtp-server "smtp.gmail.com")

;; Archive outgoing email in Sent folder on imap.gmail.com:
(setq gnus-message-archive-method '(nnimap "imap.gmail.com")
      gnus-message-archive-group "[Gmail]/Sent Mail")

;; set return email address based on incoming email address
(setq gnus-posting-styles
      '(((header "to" "address@outlook.com")
	 (address "address@outlook.com"))
	((header "to" "address@gmail.com")
	 (address "address@gmail.com"))))

;; store email in ~/gmail directory
(setq nnml-directory "~/Documents/Gnus")
(setq message-directory "~/Documents/Gnus")


(add-to-load-path "~/.spacemacs.d/package/mu4e")

(require 'mu4e)

(setq mu4e-account-alist
	 ;; Under each account, set the account-specific variables you want.
	 (mu4e-sent-messages-behavior delete)
	 (mu4e-sent-folder "/Gmail/[Gmail].Sent Mail")
	 (mu4e-drafts-folder "/Gmail/[Gmail].Drafts")
	 (user-mail-address "maoxiaoweihl@gmail.com")
	 (user-full-name "Mao Xiaowei"))
	 (mu4e-sent-messages-behavior sent)
	 (mu4e-sent-folder "/Foxmail/Sent Messages")
	 (mu4e-drafts-folder "/Foxmail/Drafts")
	 (user-mail-address "maoxiaowei1988@foxmail.com")
	 (user-full-name "Mao Xiaowei"))
	;; ("Lengyue-163"
	;;  (mu4e-sent-messages-behavior sent)
	;;  (mu4e-sent-folder "/Lengyue-163/Sent Items")
	;;  (mu4e-drafts-folder "/Lengyue-163/Drafts")
	;;  (user-mail-address "zanghuahong@163.com")
	;;  (user-full-name "Mao Xiaowei"))


;;; Set up some common mu4e variables
(setq mu4e-maildir "~/Documents/Mu4e"
      mu4e-trash-folder "/Gmail/Trash"
      mu4e-refile-folder "/Gmail/Archive"
      ;; mu4e-get-mail-command "mbsync -a"
      mu4e-update-interval nil
      mu4e-compose-signature-auto-include nil
      mu4e-view-show-images t
      mu4e-view-show-addresses t)

;;; Mail directory shortcuts
(setq mu4e-maildir-shortcuts
	("/Foxmail/INBOX" . ?f)
	("/Foxmail/Drafts" . ?d)
	("/Foxmail/Sent Messages" . ?s)
	("/Gmail/INBOX" . ?g)
	;; ("/Gmail/[Gmail].All Mail" . ?a)
	("/Gmail/[Gmail].Drafts" . ?r)
	("/Gmail/[Gmail].Sent Mail" . ?e)
	;;("/Gmail/[Gmail].Trash" . ?t)
	;; ("/Lengyue-163/INBOX" . ?i)

;;; Bookmarks
(setq mu4e-bookmarks
      `(("flag:unread AND NOT flag:trashed" "Unread messages" ?u)
	("date:today..now" "Today's messages" ?t)
	("date:7d..now" "Last 7 days" ?w)
	("mime:image/*" "Messages with images" ?p)
	(,(mapconcat 'identity
		      (lambda (maildir)
			(concat "maildir:" (car maildir)))
		      mu4e-maildir-shortcuts) " OR ")
	 "All inboxes" ?i)))

(mu4e-alert-set-default-style 'libnotify)
(alert-add-rule :category "mu4e-alert" :style 'fringe :predicate (lambda (_) (string-match-p "^mu4e-" (symbol-name major-mode))) :continue t)
;; (setq mu4e-alert-email-notification-types '(count))
(setq mu4e-alert-email-notification-types '(subjects))

;; (setq mu4e-enable-notifications t)
;; (with-eval-after-load 'mu4e-alert
  ;; Enable Desktop notifications
  ;; (mu4e-alert-set-default-style 'notifications)) ; For linux
  ;; (mu4e-alert-set-default-style 'libnotify))  ; Alternative for linux
  ;; (mu4e-alert-set-default-style 'notifier))   ; For Mac OSX (through the
					; terminal notifier app)
;; (mu4e-alert-set-default-style 'growl))      ; Alternative for Mac OSX

;; (setq mu4e-enable-mode-line t)

(setq mu4e-get-mail-command "offlineimap")
;; Fetch mail in 60 sec interval
(setq mu4e-update-interval 1200)

(require 'mu4e-contrib)
(setq mu4e-html2text-command 'mu4e-shr2text)
;; try to emulate some of the eww key-bindings
(add-hook 'mu4e-view-mode-hook
	  (lambda ()
	    (local-set-key (kbd "<tab>") 'shr-next-link)
	    (local-set-key (kbd "<backtab>") 'shr-previous-link)))

;; something about ourselves
(require 'smtpmail)  
(setq user-mail-address "maoxiaowei1988@foxmail.com"  
      user-full-name "Xiaowei, Mao"
      smtpmail-stream-type 'starttls
      starttls-use-gnutls t
       "Xiaowei Mao\n"  
       "Email: maoxiaoweihl@gmail.com\n"  
       "Email: maoxiaowei1988@foxmail.com\n"  
       "Blog: http://lengyueyang.github.io\n"  
      mu4e-compose-signature-auto-include t  

(setq send-mail-function            'smtpmail-send-it
      message-send-mail-function    'smtpmail-send-it
      smtpmail-auth-credentials     (expand-file-name "~/.authinfo")
      smtpmail-stream-type          'tls
      smtpmail-smtp-server          "smtp.qq.com"
      smtpmail-smtp-service         465
      smtpmail-smtp-user "maoxiaowei1988@qq.com")

(setq message-kill-buffer-on-exit t)

;; save attachment to my desktop (this can also be a function)  
(setq mu4e-attachment-dir "/home/lengyue/Documents/Mu4e/Attachment")  


Magit auto complete

(defun my/dabbrev-friend-buffer (other-buffer)
  (cond ( ;; ignore very large files
	 (> (buffer-size other-buffer) (* 1024 1024))
	( ;; doing a magit commit - use the magit status buffer
	 (and (boundp git-commit-mode) git-commit-mode)
	 (with-current-buffer other-buffer
	   (eq major-mode 'magit-status-mode)))
	( ;; in projectile project - use projectile buffers
	 (and (buffer-file-name other-buffer)
	      (not (file-remote-p (buffer-file-name other-buffer)))
	 (string= (projectile-project-name)
		  (with-current-buffer other-buffer
	(t ;; fallback - same mod
	 (dabbrev--same-major-mode-p other-buffer))))

(add-hook 'text-mode-hook 'company-mode)
(add-hook 'text-mode-hook
	  (lambda ()
	    (set (make-local-variable 'company-backends) '(company-files company-en-words company-dabbrev)))

Basic setup

Some basic customizaton

In emacs, we can use M-x to execute interactive commands, I implement some of them to make my emacs more easy to use.

Personal information setup

(setq user-full-name "lengyuyang"
      user-mail-address "maoxiaoweihl@gmail.com")

Don't ask me when kill process buffer

(setq kill-buffer-query-functions
      (remq 'process-kill-buffer-query-function

Set the chinese font alignment

;; (spacemacs//set-monospaced-font "Inconsolata" "Source Han Sans CN" 16 20)
(spacemacs//set-monospaced-font "Fira Mono" "Source Han Sans CN" 16 20)
;; (spacemacs//set-monospaced-font "Fira Mono" "Wenquanyi Micro Hei" 16 20)
;; (spacemacs//set-monospaced-font "DejaVu Sans Mono" "Source Han Sans CN" 16 20)

Add auto format paste code

(dolist (command '(yank yank-pop))
   `(defadvice ,command (after indent-region activate)
      (and (not current-prefix-arg)
	   (member major-mode
	   (let ((mark-even-if-inactive transient-mark-mode))
	     (indent-region (region-beginning) (region-end) nil))))))

Simple better defaults

(global-prettify-symbols-mode 1)
(setq-default fill-column 80)
(defadvice find-file (before make-directory-maybe
			     (filename &optional wildcards) activate)
  "Create parent directory if not exists while visiting file."
  (unless (file-exists-p filename)
    (let ((dir (file-name-directory filename)))
      (when dir
	(unless (file-exists-p dir)
	  (make-directory dir t))))))

Large file handle

(setq large-file-warning-threshold 300000000)
(defun spacemacs/check-large-file ()
  (when (> (buffer-size) 500000)
    (progn (fundamental-mode)
	   (hl-line-mode -1)))
  (if (and (executable-find "wc")
	   (> (string-to-number (shell-command-to-string (format "wc -l %s" (buffer-file-name))))
      (linum-mode -1)))

(add-hook 'find-file-hook 'spacemacs/check-large-file)

Buffers   buffer

Indent whole buffer

(defun indent-whole-buffer ()
  "Indent whole buffer."
    (indent-region (point-min) (point-max))))

Quick folding source block

(defun quick-folding-source ()
  "Use emacs buildin easy to folding code."
   (if selective-display nil 1)))

Edit (Insert/Remove)

Insert U200B char

<U200B> character is a zero width space character which is nice to use under org-mode.

For more info, please see: suggestion for org-emphasis-regexp-components: *U*nited *N*ations

(defun insert-U200B-char ()
  "Insert <U200B> char, this character is nice use in org-mode."
  (insert "\ufeff"))

Insert empty line after current line

(defun insert-empty-line ()
  "Insert an empty line after current line and position cursor on newline."
  (move-end-of-line nil)
  (open-line 1)
  (next-line 1))

File Handle

Reopen file as root

(defun file-reopen-as-root ()
  (when buffer-file-name
     (concat "/sudo:root@localhost:"

Delete current buffer file

(defun delete-current-buffer-file ()
  "Removes file connected to current buffer and kills buffer."
  (let ((filename (buffer-file-name))
	(buffer (current-buffer))
	(name (buffer-name)))
    (if (not (and filename (file-exists-p filename)))
      (when (yes-or-no-p "Are you sure you want to remove this file? ")
	(delete-file filename)
	(kill-buffer buffer)
	(message "File '%s' successfully removed" filename)))))

Rename current Buffer and file

(defun rename-current-buffer-file ()
  "Renames current buffer and file it is visiting."
  (let ((name (buffer-name))
	(filename (buffer-file-name)))
    (if (not (and filename (file-exists-p filename)))
	(error "Buffer '%s' is not visiting a file!" name)
      (let ((new-name (read-file-name "New name: " filename)))
	(if (get-buffer new-name)
	    (error "A buffer named '%s' already exists!" new-name)
	  (rename-file filename new-name 1)
	  (rename-buffer new-name)
	  (set-visited-file-name new-name)
	  (set-buffer-modified-p nil)
	  (message "File '%s' successfully renamed to '%s'"
		   name (file-name-nondirectory new-name)))))))

Add executable attribute to file

Actually this command is the same as chmod +x but it doesn't use any shell command, it use emacs's logior function to change file attribute.

I only make owener can has executable permission, not change it for gourp or others user.

(defun set-file-executable()
  "Add executable permissions on current file."
  (when (buffer-file-name)
    (set-file-modes buffer-file-name
		    (logior (file-modes buffer-file-name) #o100))
    (message (concat "Made " buffer-file-name " executable"))))

Clone current file to new one

(defun clone-file-and-open (filename)
  "Clone the current buffer writing it into FILENAME and open it"
  (interactive "FClone to file: ")
    (write-region (point-min) (point-max) filename nil nil nil 'confirm))
  (find-file filename))

Keeping files in sync

By default, Emacs will not update the contents of open buffers when a file changes on disk. This is inconvenient when switching branches in Git - as you’d risk editing stale buffers.

This problem can be solved by:

(global-auto-revert-mode 1)
(setq global-auto-revert-non-file-buffers t)
(setq auto-revert-verbose nil)
(setq revert-without-query '(".*")) ;; disable revert query

Snippet handle by yasnippet

(req-package yasnippet
  :init (yas-global-mode 1)
  :mode ("emacs.+/snippets/" . snippet-mode)
    (setq yas/prompt-functions '(yas-dropdown-prompt

    (setq yas/snippet-dirs (concat user-emacs-directory "snippets"))))

Implement org-mode's easy-template like function

I really like org-mode's easy-template function, so I implement one called major-mode-expand which will let you use easy-template like function in any major-mode.

(eval-after-load 'yasnippet
     (defadvice yas-expand (around major-mode-expand activate)
       "Try to complete a structure template before point like org-mode does.
  This looks for strings like \"<e\" on an otherwise empty line and
  expands them.
  Before use this function, you must setup `major-mode-name'-expand-alist variable.

  Take emacs-lisp-mode as example, if you wand to use <r to expand your snippet `require'
  in yasnippet, you muse setup the emacs-lisp-mode-expand-alist variable.

   (setq emacs-lisp-expand-alist '((\"r\" . \"require\")))"
       (let* ((l (buffer-substring (point-at-bol) (point)))
	      (expand-symbol (intern (concat (symbol-name major-mode) "-expand-alist")))
	      (expand-alist (if (boundp expand-symbol) (symbol-value expand-symbol) nil))
	 (when (and (looking-at "[ \t]*$")
		    (string-match "^[ \t]*<\\([a-zA-Z]+\\)$" l)
		    (setq a (assoc (match-string 1 l) expand-alist)))
	   (backward-delete-char (1+ (length (car-safe a))))
	   (if (symbolp (cdr-safe a))
	       (funcall (cdr-safe a))
	     (insert (cdr-safe a)))

Take emacs-lisp-mode as example, if I want to use <r and press TAB then yasnippet will expand the command, just add following code:

(setq emacs-lisp-mode-expand-alist '(("r" . "require")))

For c-mode, just do the same but change the relative major-mode-expand-alist like following

(setq c-mode-expand-alist '(("i" . "include")))


Eval emacs buffer until error

A really nice command help me to find error on elisp buffer.

(defun eval-buffer-until-error ()
  "Evaluate emacs buffer until error occured."
  (goto-char (point-min))
  (while t (eval (read (current-buffer)))))

Org-mode configuration

This part is the customization to org-mode.

Better defaults to org

 ;; (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.\\(org\\|org_archive\\|txt\\)$" . org-mode))

(require 'org-habit)

 (setq org-startup-indented t)

 (defun org-mode-my-init ()
   (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "×") (kbd "*"))
   ;;(define-key org-mode-map (kbd "-") (kbd "-"))
   (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "(") (kbd "("))
   (define-key org-mode-map (kbd ")") (kbd ")"))
 (add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'org-mode-my-init)

 (add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'smartparens-strict-mode)

(setq org-startup-with-inline-images nil)
(setq org-image-actual-width (quote (600)))

(setq org-format-latex-options (plist-put org-format-latex-options :scale 2.0))

(spacemacs/declare-prefix "ou" "Org-latex-preview")
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "ouu" 'org-toggle-latex-fragment)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "ouo" 'org-preview-latex-fragment)

Org-mode auto complete

(load "~/.spacemacs.d/package/emacscompanywords/company-words-discn")

(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'company-mode)
(add-hook 'org-mode-hook
	  (lambda ()
	    (set (make-local-variable 'company-backends) '(company-files company-en-words company-dabbrev)))

Org-agenda font size

Changed the org-agenda font size with the below link methods https://emacs-china.org/t/agenda-view/1392

 '(org-agenda-done ((t (:foreground "#86dc2f" :height 1.0)))))

 '(org-scheduled-today ((t (:foreground "#bc6ec5" :height 1.0)))))

Extend org-mode's easy templates

(eval-after-load 'org
    (add-to-list 'org-structure-template-alist
		 '("el" "#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp\n\n?\n\n #+END_SRC"))
    (add-to-list 'org-structure-template-alist
		 '("sh" "#+BEGIN_SRC sh\n\n?\n\n #+END_SRC"))
    (add-to-list 'org-structure-template-alist
		 '("pl" "#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file \n\n?\n\n #+END_SRC"))
    (add-to-list 'org-structure-template-alist
		 '("ipa" "#+BEGIN_SRC ipython :session :exports both :results output \n\n?\n\n #+END_SRC"))
    (add-to-list 'org-structure-template-alist
		 '("ipb" "#+BEGIN_SRC ipython :session :exports both :file \n\n?\n\n#+END_SRC"))
    ;; (add-to-list 'org-structure-template-alist
    ;;              '("p" "#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file uml.png \n\n?\n\n#+END_SRC"))
    ;; (add-to-list 'org-structure-template-alist
    ;;              '("p" "#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file uml.png \n\n?\n\n#+END_SRC"))

Org columns and properties

(eval-after-load 'org
     (setq org-columns-default-format "%50ITEM(Task) %CATEGORY %SCHEDULED %5Effort %5CLOCKSUM %PRIORITY")
     (setq org-global-properties (quote (("Effort_ALL" . "0:15 0:30 0:45 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 0:00")
					 ("STYLE_ALL" . "habit"))))


(defun lengyueyang/org-ispell ()
  "Configure `ispell-skip-region-alist' for `org-mode'."
  (make-local-variable 'ispell-skip-region-alist)
  (add-to-list 'ispell-skip-region-alist '(org-property-drawer-re))
  (add-to-list 'ispell-skip-region-alist '("~" "~"))
  (add-to-list 'ispell-skip-region-alist '("=" "="))
  (add-to-list 'ispell-skip-region-alist '("^#\\+BEGIN_SRC" . "^#\\+END_SRC")))
(add-hook 'org-mode-hook #'lengyueyang/org-ispell)

Org bullets customization

(defun lengyueyang/post-init-org-bullets ()
  (setq org-bullets-bullet-list '("☰" "☷" "⋗" "⇀")))
(add-hook 'org-mode-hook #'lengyueyang/post-init-org-bullets)


(require 'org-notify)
(org-notify-add 'appt
		'(:time "-1s" :period "20s" :duration 10
			:actions (-message -ding))
		'(:time "15m" :period "2m" :duration 100
			:actions -notify)
		'(:time "2h" :period "10m" :actions -message)
		'(:time "3d" :period "12h" :actions -message)
		'(:time "7d" :period "24h" :actions -message)
		'(:time "30d" :actions -email))


;; [[https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/5ayjjl/pomodoro_in_emacs/][Pomodoro in Emacs : emacs]]
(use-package org-pomodoro
  :ensure t
  :commands (org-pomodoro)
  (setq alert-user-configuration (quote ((((:category . "org-pomodoro")) libnotify nil))))
  (setq org-pomodoro-length 25)
  (setq org-pomodoro-short-break-length 5)
  (setq org-pomodoro-long-break-length 30)

Org-agenda and capture


The first agenda configuration, which is not complete.

A complete agenda and capture configuration

(eval-after-load 'org
     (setq org-agenda-files (quote ("~/Emacs-lengyue/GTD-lengyue"

     (setq org-todo-keywords
	   (quote ((sequence "TODO(t)" "STARTED(s)" "|" "CANCELLED(c@/!)" "DONE(d!/!)")
		   (sequence "SOMEDAY(S)" "|" "WAITING(w@/!)"  "MEETING(m)" "PHONE(p)")
		   (sequence "REPORT(r)" "BUG(b)" "KNOWNCAUSE(k)" "|" "FIXED(f)")

     (setq org-todo-keyword-faces
	   (quote (
		   ("STARTED" :foreground "magenta" :weight bold)
     ;;               ("NEXT" :foreground "blue" :weight bold)
     ;;               ("DONE" :foreground "forest green" :weight bold)
		   ("WAITING" :foreground "red" :weight bold)
     ;;               ("HOLD" :foreground "magenta" :weight bold)
     ;;               ("CANCELLED" :foreground "forest green" :weight bold)
     ;;               ("MEETING" :foreground "forest green" :weight bold)
		   ;;               ("PHONE" :foreground "forest green" :weight bold)

     (setq org-refile-targets
	   '(("~/Emacs-lengyue/GTD-lengyue/GTD-lengyue.org" :maxlevel . 1)))

     (setq org-log-into-drawer t)
     (setq org-agenda-custom-commands
	  ("b" "Blog idea" tags-todo "BLOG")
	  ("s" "Someday" todo "SOMEDAY")
	  ("S" "Started" todo "STARTED")
	  ("w" "Waiting" todo "WAITING")
	  ("d" . " 任务安排 ")
	  ("da" " 重要且紧急的任务 " tags-todo "+PRIORITY=\"A\"")
	  ("db" " 重要且不紧急的任务 " tags-todo "+PRIORITY=\"B\"")
	  ("dc" " 不重要且紧急的任务 " tags-todo "+PRIORITY=\"C\"")
	  ("p" . " 项目安排 ")
	  ("W" "Weekly Review" tags-todo "PROJECT")

(defun org-summary-todo (n-done n-not-done)
  "Switch entry to DONE when all subentries are done, to TODO otherwise."
  (let (org-log-done org-log-states)  ; turn off logging
    (org-todo (if (= n-not-done 0) "DONE" "TODO"))))

(add-hook'org-after-todo-statistics-hook 'org-summary-todo)

;;   ;;used by org-clock-sum-today-by-tags
;; (defun filter-by-tags ()
;;     (let ((head-tags (org-get-tags-at)))
;;       (member current-tag head-tags)))

;; (defun org-clock-sum-today-by-tags (timerange &optional tstart tend noinsert)
;;     (interactive "P")
;;     (let* ((timerange-numeric-value (prefix-numeric-value timerange))
;;            (files (org-add-archive-files (org-agenda-files)))
;;            (include-tags'("PROG" "EMACS" "DREAM" "WRITING" "MEETING" "BLOG" "LIFE" "PROJECT"))
;;            (tags-time-alist (mapcar (lambda (tag) `(,tag . 0)) include-tags))
;;            (output-string "")
;;            (tstart (or tstart
;;                        (and timerange (equal timerange-numeric-value 4) (- (org-time-today) 86400))
;;                        (and timerange (equal timerange-numeric-value 16) (org-read-date nil nil nil "Start Date/Time:"))
;;                        (org-time-today)))
;;            (tend (or tend
;;                      (and timerange (equal timerange-numeric-value 16) (org-read-date nil nil nil "End Date/Time:"))
;;                      (+ tstart 86400)))
;;            h m file item prompt donesomething)
;;       (while (setq file (pop files))
;;         (setq org-agenda-buffer (if (file-exists-p file)
;;                                     (org-get-agenda-file-buffer file)
;;                                   (error "No such file %s" file)))
;;         (with-current-buffer org-agenda-buffer
;;           (dolist (current-tag include-tags)
;;             (org-clock-sum tstart tend'filter-by-tags)
;;             (setcdr (assoc current-tag tags-time-alist)
;;                     (+ org-clock-file-total-minutes (cdr (assoc current-tag tags-time-alist)))))))
;;       (while (setq item (pop tags-time-alist))
;;         (unless (equal (cdr item) 0)
;;           (setq donesomething t)
;;           (setq h (/ (cdr item) 60)
;;                 m (- (cdr item) (* 60 h)))
;;           (setq output-string (concat output-string (format "[-%s-] %.2d:%.2d\n" (car item) h m)))))
;;       (unless donesomething
;;         (setq output-string (concat output-string "[-Nothing-] Done nothing!!!\n")))
;;       (unless noinsert
;;         (insert output-string))
;;       output-string))


(define-key global-map (kbd "<f9>") 'org-capture)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oc" 'org-capture)

(setq org-capture-templates
      '(("b" "Blog Ideas" entry (file+headline "~/Emacs-lengyue/Wiki-lengyue/Notes.org" "Blog Ideas")
	 "* TODO %?\n%i%U"
	 :empty-lines 1)
	("s" "Someday/Maybe" entry (file+headline "~/Emacs-lengyue/Wiki-lengyue/Notes.org" "Someday/Maybe")
	 "* SOMEDAY %?\n%i%U"
	 :empty-lines 1)
	("m" "Myself Tasks" entry (file+headline "~/Emacs-lengyue/GTD-lengyue/GTD-lengyue.org" "Myself Tasks")
	 "* TODO %?\n%i%U"
	 :empty-lines 1)
	("r" "Work Related Tasks" entry (file+headline "~/Emacs-lengyue/GTD-lengyue/GTD-lengyue.org" "Work Related Tasks")
	 "* TODO %?\n%i%U"
	 :empty-lines 1)
	("w" "Web site" entry (file "~/Emacs-lengyue/Wiki-lengyue/Bookmark.org")
	 "* %c :website:\n%?\n%U %:initial"
	 :empty-lines 1)

Add bookmark to orgmode

(add-to-load-path "~/.spacemacs.d/package/org-protocol-capture-html")
(require 'org-protocol)
(require 'org-protocol-capture-html)

Org-babel customizaton

(setq org-confirm-babel-evaluate nil)

(setq org-plantuml-jar-path
      (expand-file-name "/opt/plantuml/plantuml.jar"))
;; (setq org-ditta-jar-path
;;  (expand-file-name "/usr/share/java/ditaa/ditaa-0_9.jar"))

(eval-after-load 'org
     (defun lengyueyang/org-insert-src-block (src-code-type)
       "Insert a `SRC-CODE-TYPE' type source code block in org-mode."
	(let ((src-code-types
	       '("emacs-lisp" "python" "C" "sh" "java" "js" "clojure" "C++" "css"
		 "calc" "asymptote" "dot" "gnuplot" "ledger" "lilypond" "mscgen"
		 "octave" "oz" "plantuml" "R" "sass" "screen" "sql" "awk" "ditaa"
		 "haskell" "latex" "lisp" "matlab" "ocaml" "org" "perl" "ruby"
		 "scheme" "sqlite" "ipython")))
	  (list (ido-completing-read "Source code type: " src-code-types))))
	 (insert (format "#+BEGIN_SRC %s\n" src-code-type))
	 (insert "#+END_SRC\n")
	 (previous-line 2)

     (add-hook 'org-mode-hook '(lambda ()
				 ;; keybinding for editing source code blocks
				 ;; keybinding for inserting code blocks
				 (local-set-key (kbd "C-c i s")

      '((perl . t)
	(ruby . t)
	(sh . t)
	(js . t)
	(python . t)
	(ipython . t)
	(emacs-lisp . t)
	(plantuml . t)
	(R . t)
	(dot . t)
	(gnuplot . t)
	(latex . t)
	(C . t)
	(octave . t)
	(ditaa . t)))

;; Resume clocking task when emacs is restarted
;; Save the running clock and all clock history when exiting Emacs, load it on startup
(setq org-clock-persist t)
;; Do not prompt to resume an active clock
(setq org-clock-persist-query-resume nil)

Ob-ipython and Jupter notebook

(require 'ob-ipython)
;; (setq org-babel-python-command "/usr/bin/ipython --pylab --pdb --nosep")
(setq python-shell-prompt-detect-failure-warning nil)

(add-hook 'org-babel-after-execute-hook 'org-display-inline-images 'append)

Setup link abbreviations

Link abbreviations

An abbreviated link looks like

(setq org-link-abbrev-alist
      '(("google" . "http://www.google.com/search?q=")
	("google-map" . "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=%s")

Org-subtask and org-checklist

(add-to-load-path "~/.spacemacs.d/package/org-subtask-reset")
(require 'org-subtask-reset)

(add-to-load-path "~/.spacemacs.d/package/org-checklist")
(require 'org-checklist)


(defun lengyueyang//org-archive-tasks (prefix)
   (lambda ()
     (setq org-map-continue-from (outline-previous-heading)))
   (format "/%s" prefix) 'file))

(defun lengyueyang/org-archive-all-tasks ()
  (lengyueyang//org-archive-tasks "DONE")
  (lengyueyang//org-archive-tasks "CANCELLED")
  (lengyueyang//org-archive-tasks "FIXED")

;; org-archive-subtree-hierarchical.el
;; modified from https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/2014-08/msg00109.html

;; In orgmode
;; * A
;; ** AA
;; *** AAA
;; ** AB
;; *** ABA
;; Archiving AA will remove the subtree from the original file and create
;; it like that in archive target:

;; * AA
;; ** AAA

;; And this give you
;; * A
;; ** AA
;; *** AAA

(require 'org-archive)

(defun org-archive-subtree-hierarchical--line-content-as-string ()
  "Returns the content of the current line as a string"
     (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position))))

(defun org-archive-subtree-hierarchical--org-child-list ()
  "This function returns all children of a heading as a list. "
    ;; this only works with org-version > 8.0, since in previous
    ;; org-mode versions the function (org-outline-level) returns
    ;; gargabe when the point is not on a heading.
    (if (= (org-outline-level) 0)
	(outline-next-visible-heading 1)
    (let ((child-list (list (org-archive-subtree-hierarchical--line-content-as-string))))
      (while (org-goto-sibling)
	(setq child-list (cons (org-archive-subtree-hierarchical--line-content-as-string) child-list)))

(defun org-archive-subtree-hierarchical--org-struct-subtree ()
  "This function returns the tree structure in which a subtree
belongs as a list."
  (let ((archive-tree nil))
      (while (org-up-heading-safe)
	(let ((heading
		(line-beginning-position) (line-end-position))))
	  (if (eq archive-tree nil)
	      (setq archive-tree (list heading))
	    (setq archive-tree (cons heading archive-tree))))))

(defun org-archive-subtree-hierarchical ()
  "This function archives a subtree hierarchical"
  (let ((org-tree (org-archive-subtree-hierarchical--org-struct-subtree))
	(this-buffer (current-buffer))
	(file (abbreviate-file-name
	       (or (buffer-file-name (buffer-base-buffer))
		   (error "No file associated to buffer")))))
      (setq location (org-get-local-archive-location)
	    afile (org-extract-archive-file location)
	    heading (org-extract-archive-heading location)
	    infile-p (equal file (abbreviate-file-name (or afile ""))))
      (unless afile
	(error "Invalid `org-archive-location'"))
      (if (> (length afile) 0)
	  (setq newfile-p (not (file-exists-p afile))
		visiting (find-buffer-visiting afile)
		buffer (or visiting (find-file-noselect afile)))
	(setq buffer (current-buffer)))
      (unless buffer
	(error "Cannot access file \"%s\"" afile))
      (set-buffer buffer)
      (goto-char (point-min))
      (while (not (equal org-tree nil))
	(let ((child-list (org-archive-subtree-hierarchical--org-child-list)))
	  (if (member (car org-tree) child-list)
		(search-forward (car org-tree) nil t)
		(setq org-tree (cdr org-tree)))
	      (goto-char (point-max))
	      (org-insert-struct org-tree)
	      (setq org-tree nil)))))
      (when (not (eq this-buffer buffer))
      (message "Subtree archived %s"
	       (concat "in file: " (abbreviate-file-name afile))))))

(defun org-insert-struct (struct)
  (when struct
    (insert (car struct))
    (org-insert-struct (cdr struct))))

(defun org-archive-subtree ()

Org-ref customize

(setq reftex-default-bibliography '("~/Emacs-lengyue/Papers/references.bib"))
(setq org-ref-default-bibliography '("~/Emacs-lengyue/Papers/references.bib")
      org-ref-pdf-directory "~/Emacs-lengyue/Papers/"
      org-ref-bibliography-notes "~/Emacs-lengyue/Papers/notes.org")
(setq org-ref-completion-library 'org-ref-ivy-cite)

Programming Languages

This part is the customization to programming languages.


Yasnippet allows you to type an abbreviation and then expand it into a template. We can look at yasnippet’s documentation on github.

Yasnippet by default checks for snippets in two places: a path relative to yasnippet.el (these are the default snippets that come with the package). If I want to make my own, I can put then in .spacemacs.d/snippets and it should find them there as well.

I downloads some snippets from web like yasnippet-snippets and dot-file then I defined some snippets of mine.

You can use the tab key to expand a snippet once you’ve typed in the “key”. It’s pretty smart in that if tab fails for yasnippet, it then checks for whatever tab was originally bound to.

(setq yas-snippet-dirs
(yas-global-mode 1)

(global-set-key (kbd "C-c y i") 'yas-insert-snippet)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c y n") 'yas-new-snippet)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c y t") 'yas-expand-from-trigger-key)
;;(global-set-key (kbd "C-c i e") 'spacemacs/auto-yasnippet-expand)

(spacemacs/declare-prefix "oy" "Yasnippet")
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oyi" 'yas-insert-snippet)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oyn" 'yas-new-snippet)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oyt" 'yas-expand-from-trigger-key)

Add support for editorconfig

EditorConfig helps developers define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs. The EditorConfig project consists of a file format for defining coding styles and a collection of text editor plugins that enable editors to read the file format and adhere to defined styles. EditorConfig files are easily readable and they work nicely with version control systems.

(use-package editorconfig
  :ensure t
  (add-hook 'prog-mode-hook (editorconfig-mode 1))
  (add-hook 'text-mode-hook (editorconfig-mode 1)))

Ess and R

(add-hook 'R-mode-hook (lambda () (setq truncate-lines nil)))
(add-hook 'R-mode-hook 'smartparens-mode)
(add-hook 'R-mode-hook 'flycheck-mode)
(add-hook 'R-mode-hook 'flyspell-mode)
(add-hook 'inferior-ess-mode-hook 'company-mode)
(add-hook 'inferior-ess-mode-hook 'smartparens-mode)
(add-hook 'inferior-ess-mode-hook 'flycheck-mode)
(add-hook 'inferior-ess-mode-hook 'flyspell-mode)


(add-hook 'python-mode-hook (lambda () (setq truncate-lines nil)))
(setq python-fill-column 80)
(add-hook 'inferior-python-mode-hook 'flycheck-mode)
(add-hook 'inferior-python-mode-hook 'flyspell-mode)

JS-2 mode

(use-package nodejs-repl
  :defer t)

(add-to-load-path "~/.spacemacs.d/package/nodejs-repl-eval")
(use-package nodejs-repl-eval
  :commands (nodejs-repl-eval-buffer nodejs-repl-eval-dwim nodejs-repl-eval-function)
    (spacemacs/declare-prefix-for-mode 'js2-mode
				       "mo" "Nodejs-repl")
    (spacemacs/set-leader-keys-for-major-mode 'js2-mode
      "oo" 'nodejs-repl
      "ob" 'nodejs-repl-eval-buffer
      "of" 'nodejs-repl-eval-function
      "od" 'nodejs-repl-eval-dwim))
  :defer t

Elisp enhanced

Emacs Lisp 自动配对问题

(sp-local-pair '(emacs-lisp-mode lisp-interaction-mode) "'" nil :actions nil)

External package besides spacemacs

Use emmet-mode to add Zen Coding support

emmet-mode is a fork of zencoding-mode which add minor mode providing support for Zen Coding by producing HTML from CSS-like selectors.

GitHub: https://github.com/smihica/emmet-mode

(req-package emmet-mode
    ;; Following mode support emmet-mode
    (add-hook 'html-mode-hook 'emmet-mode)
    (add-hook 'sgml-mode-hook 'emmet-mode)
    (add-hook 'nxml-mode-hook 'emmet-mode)
    (add-hook 'css-mode-hook  'emmet-mode)

    ;; Move cursor between quotes after expand
    (add-hook 'emmt-mode-hook
		 (setq emmet-move-cursor-between-quotes t)))

    ;; Make tab can also expand emmt instead of use yasnippet directly
    (define-key emmt-mode-keymap (kbd "TAB") 'emmt-expand-yas)
    (define-key emmt-mode-keymap (kbd "<tab>") 'emmt-expand-yas)))



hungry-delete borrows hungry deletion from cc-mode, which will causes deletion to delete all whitespace in the direction you are deleting.

(use-package hungry-delete
    (setq hungry-delete-chars-to-skip " \t\r\f\v")

    ;; Mon Nov 21 08:45:42 EST 2016 - kmodi
    ;; Override the default definitions of `hungry-delete-skip-ws-forward' and
    ;; `hungry-delete-skip-ws-backward'; do not delete back-slashes at EOL.
    (defun hungry-delete-skip-ws-forward ()
      "Skip over any whitespace following point.
This function skips over horizontal and vertical whitespace."
      (skip-chars-forward hungry-delete-chars-to-skip)
      (while (get-text-property (point) 'read-only)

    (defun hungry-delete-skip-ws-backward ()
      "Skip over any whitespace preceding point.
This function skips over horizontal and vertical whitespace."
      (skip-chars-backward hungry-delete-chars-to-skip)
      (while (get-text-property (point) 'read-only)

    (defun modi/turn-off-hungry-delete-mode ()
      "Turn off hungry delete mode."
      (hungry-delete-mode -1))

    ;; Enable `hungry-delete-mode' everywhere ..

    ;; Except ..
    ;; `hungry-delete-mode'-loaded backspace does not work in `wdired-mode',
    ;; i.e. when editing file names in the *Dired* buffer.
    (add-hook 'wdired-mode-hook #'modi/turn-off-hungry-delete-mode)
    ;; and in python-mode-hook
    (add-hook 'python-mode-hook #'modi/turn-off-hungry-delete-mode)
    ;; and in minibuffer
    (add-hook 'minibuffer-setup-hook #'modi/turn-off-hungry-delete-mode)))


pangu-spcing is an minor-mode to auto add space between Chinese and English characters. Note that these white-space characters are not really added to the contents, it just like to do so.

(req-package pangu-spacing
    ;; start pangu-spacing globally
    (global-pangu-spacing-mode 1)
    ;; Always insert `real' space in org-mode.
    (add-hook 'org-mode-hook
	      '(lambda ()
		 (set (make-local-variable 'pangu-spacing-real-insert-separtor) t)))))


;; (add-to-load-path "~/.spacemacs.d/package/blog-admin")

(require 'blog-admin)

;;  (setq blog-admin-backend-type 'org-page)
;;  (setq blog-admin-backend-path "~/Emacs-lengyue/Blog-lengyue/source")
;;  (setq blog-admin-backend-new-post-in-drafts t)
;;  (setq blog-admin-backend-new-post-with-same-name-dir t)
;;  (setq blog-admin-backend-org-page-drafts "_drafts")

;;  (setq op/repository-directory "~/Emacs-lengyue/Blog-lengyue/source")
;;  (setq op/site-domain "http://lengyueyang.github.io") 
;;  (setq op/personal-disqus-shortname "lengyueyang")

(setq blog-admin-backend-type 'hexo)
(setq blog-admin-backend-path "~/Emacs-lengyue/Blog-lengyue/")
(setq blog-admin-backend-new-post-in-drafts t)
(setq blog-admin-backend-new-post-with-same-name-dir t)

(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "ob" 'blog-admin-start)

Hexo configuration


(setq hexo-dir "~/Emacs-lengyue/Blog-lengyue")

(defun lengyueyang/hexo-publish (commit-msg)
  "git add . & git commit & git push & hexo d"
  (interactive "sInput commit message:")
  (async-shell-command (format "cd %s ;git add . ;git commit -m \"%s\" ;git push ;hexo clean; hexo g; hexo d -g"

(defun lengyueyang/hexo-org-add-read-more ()
  "add <!--more-->"
  (insert "#+BEGIN_HTML\n<!--more-->\n#+END_HTML"))

(defun lengyueyang/hexo-org-new-open-post (post-name)
  "create a hexo org post"
  (interactive "sInput post name:")
  (find-file (format "%s/source/_posts/%s.org" hexo-dir post-name))
  (insert (format "#+TITLE: %s
#+DATE: %s
#+LAYOUT: post
"  post-name (format-time-string "<%Y-%m-%d %a %H:%M>"))))

(defun lengyueyang/hexo-org-source ()
  "use dired open hexo source dir"
  (ido-find-file-in-dir (format "%s/source/" hexo-dir))

(defun lengyueyang/hexo-move-article ()
  "Move current file between _post and _draft;
You can run this function in dired or a hexo article."
  (if (string-match "/\\(_posts/\\|_drafts/\\)$" default-directory)
      (let* ((parent-dir (file-truename (concat default-directory "../")))
	     (dest-dir (if (string-match "_drafts/$" default-directory) "_posts/" "_drafts/"))))
	(cond (or (eq major-mode 'markdown-mode) (eq major-mode 'org-mode))
	       (let* ((cur-file (buffer-file-name))
		      (new-file (concat parent-dir dest-dir (buffer-name))))
		 (rename-file cur-file new-file)
		 (find-file new-file)
		 (message (format "Now in %s" dest-dir))))
	      ((eq major-mode 'dired-mode)
	       (dired-rename-file (dired-get-filename nil)
				  (concat parent-dir dest-dir (dired-get-filename t))
	       (message (format "The article has been moved to %s" dest-dir))))
    (message "You have to run this in a hexo article buffer or dired"))

Use emms to play music

;; https://github.com/tumashu/emacs-helper/blob/master/eh-emms.el

(use-package emms

  (use-package emms-setup
    :ensure nil)
  (use-package emms-info-libtag
    :ensure nil)
  (use-package dired
    :ensure nil)
  ;; (use-package chinese-pyim)

  (when (fboundp 'emms-cache) (emms-cache 1))

  ;; EMMS 目录
  (setq emms-source-file-default-directory "~/Music/Lengyueyang-music")

  (unless (file-directory-p emms-source-file-default-directory)
    (make-directory (file-name-as-directory emms-source-file-default-directory)))

  (setq emms-directory "~/Music/.emms/")
  (setq emms-history-file "~/Music/.emms/history")
  (setq emms-cache-file "~/Music/.emms/cache")
  (setq emms-stream-bookmarks-file "~/Music/.emms/streams")
  (setq emms-score-file "~/Music/.emms/scores")

  ;; 设定 EMMS 主模式为 Playlist 模式
  (setq emms-playlist-default-major-mode 'emms-playlist-mode)

  ;; 修复播放完后的 BUG
  (setq emms-player-next-function 'emms-next)

  ;; 设定音轨初始化信息
  (add-to-list 'emms-track-initialize-functions 'emms-info-initialize-track)

  ;; 关闭 EMMS 信息异步模式
  (setq emms-info-asynchronously nil)

  ;; 设定 EMMS 启动列表循环播放
  (setq emms-repeat-playlist t)

  ;; 排序方法: 艺术家 -> 专辑 -> 序号
  (setq emms-playlist-sort-function

  ;; 使用 Gnu find 查找文件
  (setq emms-source-file-directory-tree-function

  ;; 在 minibuffer 中显示播放信息(emms-show)
  (add-hook 'emms-player-started-hook 'emms-show)
  (setq emms-show-format "正在播放: [%s]")

  ;;设置 Mode-line 的显示方式
  (setq emms-mode-line-format "%s")
  (setq emms-playing-time-display-format "%s ]")
  (setq global-mode-string
	'(" " emms-mode-line-string " " emms-playing-time-string " "))
  (setq emms-mode-line-mode-line-function

  (defun eh-emms-mode-line-playlist-current ()
    "Format the currently playing."
    (let ((track (emms-playlist-current-selected-track)))
      (if (eq 'file (emms-track-type track))
	  (if (and (emms-track-get track 'info-artist)
		   (emms-track-get track 'info-title))
	      (let ((art  (emms-track-get track 'info-artist))
		    (tit  (emms-track-get track 'info-title)))
		(format "[ %s -- %s" art tit))
	    (format "[ %s"
		    (file-relative-name (emms-track-name track)

  ;; 显示歌词
  (emms-lyrics 1)
  (setq emms-lyrics-display-on-modeline t)

  ;; Function used to format track
  (setq emms-track-description-function
	#'(lambda (track)
	    (concat " " (eh-emms-make-track-description track))))

  ;; 设置 Playlist 的显示方式
  (setq emms-last-played-format-alist
	'(((emms-last-played-seconds-today) . "%H:%M")
	  (604800                           . "%H:%M")
	  ((emms-last-played-seconds-month) . "%d")
	  ((emms-last-played-seconds-year)  . "%m-%d")
	  (t                                . "%Y")))

  (defun eh-emms-make-track-description (track)
    "Return a description of the current track."
    (let ((track-type (emms-track-type track))
	  (play-count (or (emms-track-get track 'play-count) 0))
	  (last-played (or (emms-track-get track 'last-played) '(0 0 0)))
	  (name (emms-track-name track))
	  (pmin (emms-track-get track 'info-playing-time-min))
	  (psec (emms-track-get track 'info-playing-time-sec))
	  (ptot (emms-track-get track 'info-playing-time))
	  (title (emms-track-get track 'info-title))
	  (artist (emms-track-get track 'info-artist))
	  (album (emms-track-get track 'info-album)))
      (if (eq 'file track-type)
	  (format "%5s %3s |-> %-s"
		  (emms-last-played-format-date last-played)
		  (cond ((and pmin psec) (format "%s %s -- %s [%02d:%02d]" artist album title pmin psec))
			(ptot (format  "%s %s -- %s [%02d:%02d]" artist album title (/ ptot 60) (% ptot 60)))
			(t (format "%s %s -- %s" artist album  title)))))))

  ;; Function used to get music tags, for example IDv2.3!
  (setq emms-info-functions '(eh-emms-info-libtag eh-emms-info-add-pinyin-alias))

  (defun eh-emms-info-libtag (track)
    (when (and (eq 'file (emms-track-type track))
		(emms-track-name track)))
      (let ((info-list
	     (split-string (file-relative-name
			    (emms-track-name track)
			    emms-source-file-default-directory) "/" t)))
	(emms-track-set track 'info-artist (if (> (length info-list) 1) (nth 0 info-list) "未知艺术家"))
	(emms-track-set track 'info-album  (if (> (length info-list) 2) (nth 1 info-list) "杂项"))
	(emms-track-set track 'info-title (car (reverse info-list))))
	(when (string= "0"
		       (format "%s" (let ((coding-system-for-read 'utf-8))
				      (call-process emms-info-libtag-program-name
						    nil '(t nil) nil
						    (emms-track-name track)))))
	  (goto-char (point-min))
	  ;; Crush the trailing whitespace
	  (while (re-search-forward "[[:space:]]+$" nil t)
	    (replace-match "" nil nil))
	  (goto-char (point-min))
	  (while (looking-at "^\\([^=\n]+\\)=\\(.*\\)$")
	    (let ((name (intern-soft (match-string 1)))
		  (value (match-string 2)))
	      (when (> (length value)
		(emms-track-set track
				(if (eq name 'info-playing-time)
				    (string-to-number value)
	    (forward-line 1))))))

  (defun eh-emms-info-add-pinyin-alias (track)
    "Add pinyin alias to the track"
    (when (and (featurep 'chinese-pyim)
	       (eq 'file (emms-track-type track)))
      (emms-track-set track 'info-artist-alias (pyim-hanzi2pinyin (emms-track-get track 'info-artist) t))
      (emms-track-set track 'info-album-alias (pyim-hanzi2pinyin (emms-track-get track 'info-album) t))
      (emms-track-set track 'info-title-alias (pyim-hanzi2pinyin (emms-track-get track 'info-title) t))))

  ;; 设置 EMMS 浏览器, 默认显示方式为: 显示所有
  (emms-browser-set-filter (assoc "EVERYTHING" emms-browser-filters))
  ;; filter: 显示所有
  (emms-browser-make-filter "EVERYTHING" 'ignore)
  ;; filter: 只显示文件
  (emms-browser-make-filter "ALL-FILES" (emms-browser-filter-only-type 'file))
  ;; filter: 最近一个星期播放的
  (emms-browser-make-filter "LAST-WEEK" (emms-browser-filter-only-recent 7))
  ;; filter: 最近一个月都没有播放的
  (emms-browser-make-filter "LAST-MONTH-NOT-PLAYED" (lambda (track) (not (funcall (emms-browser-filter-only-recent 30) track))))
  ;; EMMS 浏览器, 删除文件不提醒
  (put 'emms-browser-delete-files 'disabled nil)

  ;; 设置 emms buffer 显示格式
  (setq emms-browser-info-artist-format "* %n")
  (setq emms-browser-info-album-format  "  - %n")
  (setq emms-browser-info-title-format  "    ♪. %n")
  (setq emms-browser-playlist-info-title-format "%n")

  ;; 自定义 emms-browser-add-tracks, 禁止在 playlist 文件中添加
  ;; artist 行 和 album 行,同时使 emacs-browser-playlist-*-*-format
  ;; 中 "%i"位置符失效
  ;; 注: emms-browser-playlist-info-artist-format
  ;;     emms-browser-playlist-info-album-format
  ;;     两个变量设置在这里不起作用

  (defun eh-emms-browser-add-tracks ()
    "Add all tracks at point.
Return the previous point-max before adding."
    (let ((first-new-track (with-current-emms-playlist (point-max)))
	  (bdata (emms-browser-bdata-at-point)))
      (eh-emms-browser-playlist-insert-bdata bdata)
      (run-hook-with-args 'emms-browser-tracks-added-hook

  (defun eh-emms-browser-playlist-insert-bdata (bdata)
    "Add all tracks in BDATA to the playlist."
    (let ((type (emms-browser-bdata-type bdata)))
      ;; recurse or add tracks
      (dolist (item (emms-browser-bdata-data bdata))
	(if (not (eq type 'info-title))
	    (eh-emms-browser-playlist-insert-bdata item)
	  (emms-browser-playlist-insert-track bdata)))))

  (defun eh-emms-browser-make-name (entry type)
    "Override `emms-browser-make-name'. Return a name for ENTRY, used for making a bdata object."
    (let ((key (car entry))
	  (track (cadr entry))
	  artist title) ;; only the first track
       ((eq type 'info-title)
	(eh-emms-make-track-description track))
       (t key))))

  (advice-add 'emms-browser-make-name :override #'eh-emms-browser-make-name)

  ;; 快捷函数
  (defun eh-emms-toggle-playing ()
    (if emms-player-playing-p

  (defun eh-emms-search ()
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (call-interactively 'isearch-forward))

  (defun eh-emms ()
    (if (or (null emms-playlist-buffer)
	    (not (buffer-live-p emms-playlist-buffer)))
	(let ((playlist (concat
			 (file-name-as-directory emms-source-file-default-directory)
	  (if (not (file-readable-p playlist))
	    (emms-add-playlist playlist))))

  (defun eh-emms-add-directory-tree ()
      "Add directory tree:"

  (defun eh-emms-add-file ()
    (let ((file (ido-read-file-name
		 "Add directory tree:"
       ((string-match "\\.\\(m3u\\|pls\\)\\'" file)
	(emms-add-playlist file))
       (t (emms-add-file file)))))

  (defun eh-emms-browser-search-by-names ()
    (emms-browser-search '(info-artist info-artist-alias info-title info-title-alias info-album info-album-alias)))

  (defun eh-emms-browser-search-by-artist ()
    (emms-browser-search '(info-artist info-artist-alias)))

  (defun eh-emms-browser-search-by-title ()
    (emms-browser-search '(info-title info-title-alias)))

  (add-to-list 'emms-info-functions 'emms-info-cueinfo)
  (evil-add-hjkl-bindings emms-playlist-mode-map 'emacs)
  ;; Global keybinding for emms
  (global-unset-key (kbd "C-c e"))
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e e") 'eh-emms)
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e d") 'eh-emms-add-directory-tree)
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e f") 'eh-emms-add-file)

  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e SPC") 'eh-emms-toggle-playing)
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e q") 'emms-stop)

  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e n") 'emms-next)
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e p") 'emms-previous)
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e o") 'emms-show)

  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e h") 'emms-shuffle)
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e H") 'emms-sort)

  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e r")   'emms-toggle-repeat-track)
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e R")   'emms-toggle-repeat-playlist)

  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e s u") 'emms-score-up-playing)
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e s d") 'emms-score-down-playing)
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c e s o") 'emms-score-show-playing)

  ;; browser mode map
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "SPC") 'emms-browser-next-non-track)
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "<return>") (lambda ()
						       (message "Add current track to playlist")))
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "C-SPC") 'emms-browser-next-non-track)
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "<tab>") 'emms-browser-toggle-subitems)
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "o") 'emms-playlist-mode-go)
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "w") 'emms-browser-show-LAST-WEEK)
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "a") 'emms-browser-show-EVERYTHING)
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "m") 'emms-browser-show-LAST-MONTH-NOT-PLAYED)
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "s s") 'eh-emms-browser-search-by-names)
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "s a") 'eh-emms-browser-search-by-artist)
  (define-key emms-browser-mode-map (kbd "s t") 'eh-emms-browser-search-by-title)

  ;; playlist-mode-map
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "o") 'emms-browser-show-LAST-WEEK)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "SPC") 'emms-pause)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "/") 'eh-emms-search)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "+") 'emms-volume-raise)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "-") 'emms-volume-lower)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "C-<right>") (lambda () (interactive) (emms-seek +10)))
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "C-<left>") (lambda () (interactive) (emms-seek -10)))
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "C-<right>") (lambda () (interactive) (emms-seek +60)))
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "C-<left>") (lambda () (interactive) (emms-seek -60)))
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "S u") 'emms-score-up-file-on-line)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "S d") 'emms-score-down-file-on-line)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "S o") 'emms-score-show-file-on-line)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "S l") 'emms-score-less-tolerant)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "S m") 'emms-score-more-tolerant)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "S t") 'emms-score-set-tolerance)
  (define-key emms-playlist-mode-map (kbd "S s") 'emms-score-show-playing))

;; https://www.gnu.org/software/emms/manual/#Introduction
;; (require 'emms-setup)
;; (emms-all)
;; (emms-default-players)

;; (setq emms-directory "~/Music/.emms")
;; (setq emms-cache-file "~/Music/.emms/cache")
;; (setq emms-score-file "~/Music/.emms/scores")
;; (setq emms-history-file "~/Music/.emms/history")
;; (setq emms-source-file-default-directory "~/Music/")
;; (emms-history-load)

(spacemacs/declare-prefix "oe" "Emms-Music")
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oee" 'emms)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oea" 'emms-add-directory-tree)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oef" 'emms-play-file)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oes" 'emms-stop)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oen" 'emms-next)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oep" 'emms-previous)

Other customization

This part is some customization not belong to the anterior part.

Column indicator

(require 'fill-column-indicator)
(setq fci-rule-column 80)
(add-hook 'prog-mode-hook 'fci-mode)

(add-hook 'git-commit-mode-hook 'fci-mode)

Disable auto paste from clipboard

(add-hook 'spacemacs-buffer-mode-hook (lambda ()
(set (make-local-variable 'mouse-1-click-follows-link) nil)))

Truncate lines automatically

(add-hook 'magit-mode-hook (lambda () (setq truncate-lines nil)))
(add-hook 'org-mode-hook (lambda () (setq truncate-lines nil)))
(add-hook 'R-mode-hook (lambda () (setq truncate-lines nil)))
(add-hook 'python-mode-hook (lambda () (setq truncate-lines nil)))


(defun lengyueyang/hotspots ()
  "helm interface to my hotspots, which includes my locations,
org-files and bookmarks"
  (helm :buffer "*helm: utities*"
	:sources `(,(lengyueyang//hotspots-sources))))

(defun lengyueyang//hotspots-sources ()
  "Construct the helm sources for my hotspots"
  `((name . "lengyueyang's center")
    (candidates . (
		   ("Agenda List" . (lambda () (org-agenda "" "a")))
		   ("Agenda Menu" . (lambda () (org-agenda)))
		   ("Blog" . (lambda() (blog-admin-start)))
		   ("Elfeed" . (lambda () (elfeed)))
		   ;; ("Agenda Next TODO" . (lambda () (org-agenda "" "t")))
		   ("Open Github" . (lambda() (browse-url "https://github.com/lengyueyang")))
		   ("Open Blog" . (lambda() (browse-url "http://lengyueyang.github.io")))))
    (action . (("Open" . (lambda (x) (funcall x)))))))

(define-key global-map (kbd "<f1>") 'lengyueyang/hotspots)
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "oh" 'lengyueyang/hotspots)

Count chinese word

(defvar wc-regexp-chinese-char-and-punc
  (rx (category chinese)))
(defvar wc-regexp-chinese-punc
(defvar wc-regexp-english-word

(defun lengyueyang/word-count-for-chinese ()
  "「較精確地」統計中 / 日 / 英文字數。
- 文章中的註解不算在字數內。
- 平假名與片假名亦包含在「中日文字數」內,每個平 / 片假名都算單獨一個字(但片假
- 英文只計算「單字數」,不含標點。
- 韓文不包含在內。
。且中日文標點的計算標準要看 Emacs 如何定義特殊標點符號如ヴァランタン・アルカン
中間的點也被 Emacs 算為一個字而不是標點符號。"
  (let* ((v-buffer-string
	    (if (eq major-mode 'org-mode) ; 去掉 org 文件的 OPTIONS(以 #+ 開頭)
		(setq v-buffer-string (replace-regexp-in-string "^#\\+.+" ""
								(buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max))))
	      (setq v-buffer-string (buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max))))
	    (replace-regexp-in-string (format "^ *%s *.+" comment-start) "" v-buffer-string)))
					; 把註解行刪掉(不把註解算進字數)。
	 (chinese-char-and-punc 0)
	 (chinese-punc 0)
	 (english-word 0)
	 (chinese-char 0))
      (insert v-buffer-string)
      (goto-char (point-min))
      ;; 中文(含標點、片假名)
      (while (re-search-forward wc-regexp-chinese-char-and-punc nil :no-error)
	(setq chinese-char-and-punc (1+ chinese-char-and-punc)))
      ;; 中文標點符號
      (goto-char (point-min))
      (while (re-search-forward wc-regexp-chinese-punc nil :no-error)
	(setq chinese-punc (1+ chinese-punc)))
      ;; 英文字數(不含標點)
      (goto-char (point-min))
      (while (re-search-forward wc-regexp-english-word nil :no-error)
	(setq english-word (1+ english-word))))
    (setq chinese-char (- chinese-char-and-punc chinese-punc))
     (format " 中日文字數(不含標點):%s
	     chinese-char chinese-char-and-punc english-word
	     (+ chinese-char english-word)))))

Display Calendar numbers in calendar-mode

Define a function to display week numbers in calender-mode. The snippet is from EmacsWiki.

(defun calendar-show-week (arg)
  "Displaying week number in calendar-mode."
  (interactive "P")
  (copy-face font-lock-constant-face 'calendar-iso-week-face)
   'calendar-iso-week-face nil :height 0.7)
  (setq calendar-intermonth-text
	(and arg
		(car (calendar-iso-from-absolute
		       (list month day year)))))
	       'font-lock-face 'calendar-iso-week-face))))

Evaluate the calendar-show-week function.

(calendar-show-week t)

Set Monday as the first day of the week, and set my location.

(setq calendar-week-start-day 1
      calendar-latitude 39.92
      calendar-longitude 116.46
      calendar-location-name "Beijing, China")

End of configuration

Oh YA!! We finish loading emacs configuration :)

However, since we use req-package for loading and installing packages, be sure to execute following line to send req-package on its merry way.


Creative Commons licensing

TITLE: A simple introduction of lengyueyang's spacemacs configration[个人 spacemacs 配置简介]
AUTHOR: lengyueyang
DATE: 2017-03-26 19:26:52 UTC+08:00
LICENSE: The blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, commercial use is not allowed, for any reprint, please indicate address and signature. 88x31.png


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